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Techniques for Improving Your Game

Ron Elbe, one of our QCPC members, has recently written a new pickleball book entitled PICKLEBALL POINTERS.  In more than 75 chapters and 200 pages PICKLEBALL POINTERS provides solutions to a wide variety of key mistakes, problems, issues, and shortcomings that are common to many players at all levels.  It’s available in paperback and e-book through Amazon.

You can find the book on Amazon by Googling “Pickleball Pointers” or “Ron Elbe”.

Swing Tips from Ron Elbe

Work on the following and your game will improve:

  1. Keep your eye on the ball.
  2. Bend your knees.
  3. Take steps to get closer to ball.
  4. Hit the ball between or slightly out the reach of your opponents.
  5. As soon as your opponent hits the ball, move your paddle back and get ready.
  6. Reduce your unforced errors by keeping the ball in play instead of going for a winner and hitting a low percentage shot.

How do higher skill players get better by playing with lower skill players?

Try this. Hit half the shots to each player. Give them a shot they can handle easily. You are working on your speed and placement skills here. They should hit a ball back with some authority. That is good for you as you need practice hitting good shots. Give them some easy shots up around their shoulders. Let them slam you. If you are so good, get them back. Don’t even try slams or put away shots. The idea is for them to return the ball so you can work on your skills. Or, tell them you are going to hit all your shots slow and into the NVZ. You need the practice from all over the court. They will be able to return most of those. The lower skill players become your training team. Fun and productive for all skill levels.

Arlington Heights Training Clinic Notes and Drills 12/05/2016

201 & 301 Classes

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Video Tips for Improving Your Game

Pickleball Rules

What kind of player are you? 

USA Pickleball Association – News, Events, and More Information

The USAPA has a clear set of specifications for paddle construction and performance. Be sure to check here to see how your paddle (or one you are thinking about buying) stacks up in their testing program.
  • Are You A USAPA Member Yet?
The USA Pickleball Association works every day on behalf of all of us who love this game. Click here to learn more.

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