Visitors At The Moline Tennis Club

The Cincola family: Frank, Carol, Jennifer and John. It was nice to see all the family playing PB. Their son John is a 5.0 player and will be partnering with Dave Weinbach in our fall tournament.  Jennifer is at the Arsenal and a member of the national guard.
Also Hollister Bundy from Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo. Hollister is a 4.0 player in the picture with Jeff, Mick, and Dean
12/26 Great day on the courts at the MTC!!

Hollister Bundy

Jeff, Mick, Hollister and Dean

Frank, Carol, Jennifer and John

A Visit From Prem Carnot, the PB Guru

We had Prem Carnot the PB Guru join us today at Kiwanis Park. Prem is a national known PB trainer who was traveling between Michigan and Colorado. He was a gentleman in every sense and was very helpful to those of us who played with him. Prem is also a national talent in table tennis. He may be back Aug 29 on his way back to Michigan. We will keep you posted.

Prem Carnot the PB Guru

Pro Golfer Daniel Summerhays Also A Pro At Pickleball

Pro golfer Daniel Summerhays, in the area for the JD Golf Classic, brought his pro pickleball skills to drop-in play at Kiwanis Park on Friday, July 13..

It was great to see Daniel back on our courts this year, and we hope to see him again next year– if not sooner!

Brandon Sharp, Jeff Collar, Daniel Summerhays, and Daniel Thompson

Lalaa Clemico and Steve Paranto visiting our QC pickleball courts!

Our Quad City PB venues continue to attract visitors from across the Nation. Monday,  Steve Paranto from Oregon was present at the Kiwanis courts. His partner Lala Climaco was playing while Steve was nursing an arm injury and could only watch.
Steve is the Co-Director of Training and Testing in the Oregon Region. Steve’s father is well known in the PB world as he was nominated for introduction into the PB Hall of Fame for his development of the first composite paddle back in 1984. Steve is a certified instructor in the IPTPA and is currently published in the National PB Magazine with an article about “How Much Court Should You Take? He is a sponsored player for Onix. (yes fans, there will be a Pure 3 ball out soon)
Lala is a lifetime member of the Columbia River PB club, has been playing since 2009 and says she spends an inordinate amount of time on Facebook.

Steve offered the following Quote.

I have been playing Pickleball since 1974 and took 2nd in the world’s first tournament held near where the sport was invented.  I have won age group Men’s Nationals three times with my partner Randy Bither.  We have won in the 50’s, age group and also the 54-59.  This year will be our first time playing in the 60’s age group.  We have won many 5.0 Northwest tournaments and currently hold the Oregon senior men’s title.  I have taught Pickleball for over 35 years and am a certified IPTPA instructor that also certifies the other instructors.  Some of the players that I have had the good fortune of coaching when they were learning the sport are Wes Gabrielson, Sarah Ansboury, Enrique Ruiz, Christine Barkdale,Joy leasing, and Bonnie Williams.  I have had a great time visiting the players here in your area.  You have a great thing going with such nice courts and fun people to play with.