Local Stars On the National Stage

Featured in the Pickleball Rocks Newsletter: Cindy Wiseman, Aspen Kern, Vicki Ryan, Leslie Swords

From Vicki Ryan: This picture was taken at the Third Shots A Charm Pickleball festival in Kansas City, MO in Sept 2017.  He graciously played a game with the three of us.  Cindy Wiseman had the luck of having him for a partner, Leslie and I learned more than Cindy!

Interested in becoming a Referee

Vicki Ryan has created a FB group called “Ask the QCPC Refs

Purpose of the FB group:

Group is open to QCPC members that are training to be referees or members that are interested in understanding International Federation of Pickleball playing rules and the role of the referee and players in USAPA Sanctioned matches where referees and line judges are present.  Referees are welcome to share their experiences in order for other group members to learn.

Want to join??? Just request to be added and Vicki Ryan will add you to the group so you can get and share information.

Would like to ask the experienced tournament players in our club to join and provide real life experiences to the group.