2019 VIM Today Quad Cities Classic Results

Congratulations to all of our players. Thanks for joining us at our first sanctioned tournament. See you all next year!

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:19+,50+
Gold:John Winstead-Andy Timmons
Silver:Kaiguo Chang-Ben Mims
Bronze:Glenn Dugan-Doug Carroll

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:60+,70+,80+
Gold:David Langrock-Bryan Mihalakis
Silver:Bob Whitmore-Steve Hong
Bronze:Brad Vircks-Jerry Stevens

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:65+
Gold:Mark Hermanson – Barry Murchie
Silver:James Severe – Kong Flack
Bronze:Doug McKirahan – Big House Bauer

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:19+,50+ – Pool Winners
Gold:Adam Smith – Owen Blake
Silver:Adil Saliu – Ken Beach
Bronze:Paul Biggerstaff – Michael Mekeel

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:60+,65+,70+,75+
Gold:Stromboli Strom – Ford Roberson
Silver:Larry Miller – Gary Carpenter
Bronze:John Johnstone – Robert Mccartney

Mens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.5:19+,50+
Gold:Dave Weinbach-Jake Weinbach
Silver:Gene Smyth-Sonny Linhart
Bronze:Mike (Black Beetle) Shears-Calvin Song 

Mens Doubles

Mens Doubles 4.5,4.0 Pool Winners
Gold:Adam Smith – Owen Blake
Silver:Kyle Snay – Kent Zimmer
Bronze:Scott Stocker – The Eraser Black

Mens Doubles 5.0 Pool Winners
Gold:Dave Weinbach – Altaf Merchant
Silver:John Cincola – Zane Navratil
Bronze:Patrick Cote – Carter Minear 


Mens Singles

Mens Singles 3.5,3.0
Gold:Kyle Snay
Silver:Kent Zimmer
Bronze:Don Wright

Mens Singles 4.0
Gold:Mike (Black Beetle) Shears
Silver:Brady Mann
Bronze:Anthony Edward Hunt

Mens Singles 5.0,4.5
Gold:John Cincola
Silver:Neil Mediratta
Bronze:Jeffrey (The Rocket) Van der Eems 

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:60+,65+,70+,75+,80+
Gold:Patty Zimmer-Brad Vircks
Silver:Ruth Senneff-David Langrock
Bronze:Jill Volkens-Brian Volkens

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:19+,50+
Gold:Colleen Stone-Owen Blake
Silver:Kayla Ohrt-Adil Saliu
Bronze:Rene Kerr-Tim Harty

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:60+
Gold:Dawn Vircks-Randy Butler
Silver:Dea Connell-Mike Mann
Bronze:Cindy Wiseman-Jim Ryan 

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:65+,70+
Gold:Connie Coene-Mark Hermanson
Silver:Julie Huggins-Bob Farber
Bronze:Kathy McWhorter – Doug McKirahan 

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:19+,50+ – Pool Winners
Gold:Dina Weinbach – Scott Stocker
Silver:Rhonda Buckley – Kyle Snay
Bronze:Marcie Fosdick – Butch Fosdick

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:60+,65+,70+,75+
Gold:Linda Richman – Ford Roberson
Silver:Vicki Ryan – John Johnstone
Bronze:Cheryl Crawford – Ted Anderson

Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.5:19+,50+
Gold:Katie Gaines-Kent Zimmer
Silver:Tina Senasu-Jake Weinbach
Bronze:Gina Cilento-Rick Schworck 


Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles 5.0 – Pool Winners
Gold:Kasandra Gehrke – Dave Weinbach
Silver:Taylor Uhl – Aaron Trost
Bronze:Katie Gaines-Jonathan Dyer


Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups

Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.0:60+,75+
Gold:Myrna Seline-Patty Zimmer
Silver:Mo Brandle-Joan Van Loo

Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:19+,50+
Gold:Lori Holst-Mary Healy
Silver:Monique Reynolds-Ginger LeBlanc
Bronze:Joni Simms-Janet Hirst 

Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:60+,65+,70+
Gold:Jane Stevens – Dawn Vircks
Silver:Carol Cincola – Connie Coene
Bronze:Karen Sparbel – Laura Downing 

Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.0:60+,65+,70+
Gold:Julie Huggins-Rhonda Marchant
Silver:Cheryl Crawford-Linda Richman
Bronze:Vicki Ryan-Martha Shelangouski 

Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 4.5:19+,50+
Gold:Tina Senasu-Jen Lassandro
Silver:Polly James-Dina Weinbach
Bronze:Kate Parr-Marcie Fosdick 

Womens Doubles

Womens Doubles 4.0,3.5,3.0
Gold:Laurel Derry-Rhonda Buckley
Silver:Nicky Haas-Sherry Hermiston Hermiston

Womens Doubles 5.0
Gold:Kasandra Gehrke-Katie Gaines
Silver:Taylor Uhl-Chelsea Kerrison
Bronze:Tina Senasu-Torie Chase 

Womens Singles

Womens Singles 4.5
Gold:Jen Lassandro
Silver:Katie Gaines


Scenes From The 2019 VIM Today Quad Cities Classic

Here are some views from the VIM Today Quad Cities Classic that was held last week.

A big thank you to the Quad Cities Tennis and Pickleball Club for hosting this event and to tournament directors David Stover and Barb Shinbori. Also a big thanks to all of the volunteers and referees for all of their hard work. We couldn’t do this without you! A special thanks to Dave Weinbach and KaSandra Gehrke for holding some great player clinics! We look forward to seeing you all next year!





Volunteers NEEDED for VIM Today QC Pickleball Classic Tournament

Welcome to the volunteer sign up for the QC VIM Today Classic Tournament to be held at the Moline Tennis Club beginning Wednesday, 8/14 through Saturday, 8/17/2019.

We have created a variety of volunteer activities required to run a USAPA Sanctioned/SSIPA event.

We have a strong QC club membership with many hidden talents.  We hope that many of you will volunteer for one or more areas of need based on your time availability.

Please make sure if you are playing in this event that you don’t volunteer during that time.

Don’t Miss Out On A Great Tournament!

It’s time to enter the VIM Today QC Pickleball Classic at the Quad Cities Tennis Club in Moline, Illinois.

Cash Prizes in the Open 19+, 5.0 Pro’s skill level·     men’s 5.0 doubles·     women’s 5.0 doubles·     mixed 5.0 doubles. $5000 in prize money

Sign up at Pickleballtournaments.com–>  Indoor courts provide a solid schedule regardless of weather. Indirect lighting and a tennis surface provide an excellent venue. Venue information is available at http://www.quadcitytennisclub.com

More Information Here

Learn from the Pros! Sign up for one or both clinics by Dave Weinbach and KaSandra Gehrke. See the flyers below.

Registration Fees
$52 – Registration after  May 1, 2019
$10 – Each event  If you do not have a paypal account, select pay by credit card.

All QC Pickleball Club members in good standing qualify for $5 discount if their player profile has the club selected. Please check your player profile before registering.

To Join the QC Pickleball Club, download the form at this link; https://qcpickleball.wordpress.com/membership-application_2014/

August QC VIM Today Classic Tournament

Our first sanctioned/SSIPA tournament goes live on 5 April and we hope to finally put the QC on the pickleball tournament circuit!!!
Please check out all the details on http://www.pickleballtournaments.com
Go to Tournaments, scroll down to Illinois and then look by date until you see VIM Today QC Pickleball Classic.

Exciting times for our competitive players, but also for our fantastic club members who would be willing to volunteer! We need lots of help over a four day event!

QC Classic Tournament Flyer