Traveling to Nationals?

USAPA Nationals – (Link for detail)

There may be some folks traveling to the Nationals next month from our local club.  Please read the following email that came out today, 18 October and consider signing up to help!  There are 3500 matches and fantastic pickleball to watch every day from 4-12 November in Casa Grande, AZ.

Nationals 17: 2nd Call for Volunteers – (See link for more info)
This is the 2nd call for volunteers for the USAPA Nationals 17 being held at Palm Creek. We are still in need of many volunteers to help make the Nationals as successful as last year’s tournament. If you have already signed up – THANK YOU!

Great Year to Enter the USAPA Nationals

I want to make sure you know about some changes in the USAPA Nationals held in Casa Grande, Arizona on November 4-12. These are some reasons to attend in 2017:

  • The brackets are skill brackets within age brackets. This means you compete only with teams in your age bracket and skill level. The age bracket you are in is determined by the age of the youngest partner as of 31 December 2017. The highest skill-rating partner determines the skill bracket you are in.
  • Travel is convenient with non-stop airline service from Moline to nearby Mesa, Arizona. Airline service is also available at nearby Phoenix International Airport.
  • You have time to form your team between now and the start of registration on 1 August, at 2 PM.
  • You are not getting any younger.
  • A registration assistance meeting before registration starts.
  • Partner search prior to registration will be provided. Contact Dave Stover at 309-945-7700.

More information can be found at:

Question: Who is eligible to play in the USAPA National Tournament?

Answer: Players, age 8 and above (as of 12/31/17) may play in the Age divisions so long as they are a USAPA member in good standing of the USAPA.

I recommend you have USAPA membership completed one week before registration.

Dave Stover