Places to Play

There are twelve individually fenced pickleball courts and a number of tennis courts lined for pickleball in the Quad-Cities area. The courts are open to the general public for recreational use during daylight hours. Please check the Meetup program (see below) for the most up to date days and times for play. Check out the calendar and events page for special events and clinics. Additionally, the following venues are available for instructional clinics and drop in play. 

MEETUP – Who’s Playing Where

The QCPC has subscribed to a new program called Meetup to try to help Pickleball players find where other members are playing. We’ve had players checking out several locations trying to find someone to play with, and we’re hoping this app will help. Using the Meetup program you just RSVP to the date and location where you are playing. You’ll also be able to see who else is going to be at that location.

We encourage you to sign up for this program online with your computer ( or download the app for your smart phone and create your account there. Once you have your account created you can search for or locate our page here. ( If you have used your computer to create an account don’t forget to download the free app to your phone for on the go checking & scheduling!!

Awesome tool will save the drive time to see where everyone is at!!



Lessons for beginning players are available indoors at Rock Island Fitness (see below). Please sign up ahead of time as class sizes are limited. At other times, lessons are available upon request at times convenient for players and instructors. Call Sharon Walters at (309) 799-3856 or email her at See the Membership tab for registration form to join the QC Pickleball Club.

  • PB 101 Introduction to Pickleball. (Free-see below)
  • PB 102 New Strokes and Practice. (On Demand for Club Members)
  • PB 103 Drills. (For Club Members, See below)
  • PB 104 Strategy. (For Club Members, See below)
  • Beginner Practice. (Available at RIFAC – see below)
  • At all levels of instruction we recommend students practice what they have learned for two weeks before progressing to the next level. Practice is very important to help you master your new skills. Practice at times when the court is not being used for more advanced play so you can feel comfortable to develop your game with players at a similar level. Drop in play is NOT recommended to students.

Beginner Drop-in Play – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday at RIFAC. This drop in is designed to provide players new to the game an opportunity to play together.

Beginner Lessons –September Pickleball 101 classes will be held at Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center on Wednesdays’, September 14 and 21 from 1-3.  There is a $3.00 gym charge if you are not a member of RIFAC, $2.00 if you are, and rackets can be rented for $1.  All is payable at the counter as you enter RIFAC.

Pickleball 101 will be offered at Kiwanis Park in Bettendorf  on Mondays, September 12  and 19 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m..  Equipment will be  furnished.  Please sign up for either class by e-mailing  Class size is limited and they do fill quickly.

See you on the courts.

Anyone who is interested in learning to play Pickleball or want to sharpen their basic skills are invited to take the class.

Beginner Play – Kiwanis on Tuesday nights at 7:00p.m.

Beginner Practice – Indoor season only – 1 -3 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Wednesdays 1-3 when there are no classes scheduled) at RIFAC.  Practice. Practice. Practice. This weekly session is designed to provide players new to pickleball an opportunity to practice with others Play the game and get tips on what you can work on to improve your game. Contact Sharon Walters at (309) 799-3856 or email her at

103 & 104 Classes Now Available For Members

103 is a drills class and will work on various shots needed for advancing player skills. We may use the Club PB machine for these drills. Emphasis will be on the 3rd shot into the NVZ and using the slow dink game.

104 will work on play strategy. Shot selection, location and speed will be taught. Player position on the court, working with your partner, communication as well as proper shot technique to improve PB skills. As an option we will work with you to determine your Skill Level with the 1- 5 rating scale.

Both are offered each Thursday at several locations in the Quad Cities. We have 6 active Coaches now and more getting ready to teach this class. There is no charge for this training.

We will post the venues that coaches will be teaching at each week.

Evening and weekend sessions are in the works and will be posted as players indicate the need.

We anticipate more players than one coach can handle each session so you may have to watch or wait for another session to get involved. We will get to you so be patient.



Pickleball Courts in Bettendorf, Iowa

  • Indoors at Bettendorf Community Center, 2204 Grant Street. Not available for the summer. 3 courts Drop-in Play – 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost is $3.00. Contact Barb Cline at
  • Indoors at Life Fitness Center, 8-11 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting Oct 5. Cost $3.00.
  • Outdoors at Kiwanis Park, 4223 Greenbrier Dr. adjacent to Paul Norton Elementary School. Drop-in Play – 8 to 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday Six individually fenced pickleball courts. Beginner Play Tuesday nights at 7:00p.m. Contact Barb Cline at (563) 359-0558.

Pickleball Courts in Davenport, Iowa

  • Indoors at Beyond the Baseline Field House, 1540 W. 12th Street. 6 indoor courts. Drop-in Play – 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, $3.00 per session charge. Contact coordinator Barb Shinbori (563) 340-2529.
  • Evening/Weekend Play, Indoors at West YMCA, 3503 W. Locust St., 3 indoor courts. Drop-in Play – Monday & Tuesday 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday 1 to 3 p.m. Free for Y members, charge per session for non members. Contact the YMCA at (563) 386-4414
  • Outdoors at Duck Creek Park, 3300 E. Locust St., 2 courts marked on existing tennis courts.
  • Outdoors at Emeis Park, 4500 W. Locust Street, 1 court marked on existing tennis court.
  • Outdoors at Garfield Park, 1224 E. 29th Street, 3 courts marked on existing tennis court.
  • Outdoors at Northwest Park, 3500 N. Division Street, 8 dedicated Pickleball courts and 6 courts marked on existing tennis courts. Drop-in Play –8:30 to 10:30 a.m. daily, weather permitting. Evening play every day! If weather is bad or courts are wet, indoor play may be available at Beyond the Baseline. Contact coordinator Barb Shinbori (563) 340-2529.

Pickleball Courts in DeWitt, Iowa

  • Indoors at DeWitt Evangelical Free Church
  • Outdoors at Central Community High School Tennis Courts.

Pickleball Courts in Eldridge, Iowa

  • Indoors at Sports Town, 1700 Blackhawk Trail, Eldridge. Drop-in Play Tuesday, Thursday &  Saturday 8-11 a.m. at Sportstown, 1700 Blackhawk Trail, Eldridge. Available through the end of March. Four indoor courts available with an entrance fee. Contact Sheri Michels at (563) 940 5127.
  • Evening Play, Indoors at North Scott High School, 200 S 1st St, Eldridge. Wednesday nights 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Six courts set up with a $3.00 charge to play. Park on the South East side of the school by the softball fields and enter through door #20. Walk up the hall and the gym is on the right side.
  • Outdoors at Sheridan Meadows Park, 851 N 1st St, Eldridge.  Drop-in play Six new dedicated Pickleball courts at Sheridan Meadows Park, 851 N 1st St. are open from sunrise to sunset. Group play is 8-11 a.m. Monday- Saturday, 5 p.m. to sunset Monday-Thursday and 3-6 p.m. on Sundays. Advanced Play – Tuesday and Saturday evening at 5 pm. Others are invited also as there is plenty of room for all ability levels with 6 courts.  Contact Mike Martin at (563) 285-8530.


Pickleball Courts in Coal Valley, Illinois

  • Outdoors at Coal Valley Municipal Park, 1000 1st Street. Drop-in Play — 5:15 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, and  8 to 11 a.m. Thursday. Two outdoor courts available. Contact Sharon Walters (309) 799-3856.
  • Indoors at Arrowhead Ranch, 12200 104th St. Drop-in Play – 9-11 a.m. Saturday only. Three indoor courts available. Cost is $3.

Community Center in Geneseo, Illinois

  • Indoors and Outdoors at Geneseo Community Center at 541 E. North St, Geneseo. Drop-in Play – 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m. Alternating Saturday and Sunday (Please see the online calendar for schedule) Geneseo Community Center at 541 E. North St, Geneseo, 3 courts available, indoor or out, depending on weather. All equipment provided. Contact David Stover (309) 945-7700, or the Geneseo Community Center (309) 944-5695.
  • Sundays Indoors at Geneseo Community Center at 541 E. North St, Geneseo. January 24th, January 31st, February 7th, and February 14th from 1-3 p.m. More dates may be added in the future. Please watch the QCPC calendar for updates. Cost for non-members is $7, $6 for seniors. Sign up on the QCPC sign up sheet and please monitor the sign-up sheet before traveling to play. Contact David Stover (309) 945-7700, or the Geneseo Community Center (309) 944-5695.

Pickleball Courts in Moline, Illinois

  • Outdoors at Riverside Park3300 5th Avenue. Drop-in Play- Tuesdsay and Thursday – 8:00 – 10:30 a.m., Evening Play-Wednesday – 6:00 -8:30 p.m. Two outdoor tennis courts with lines marked for pickleball available. Lights for evening play. 
  • Indoors at Quad City Tennis Club, 1522 – 47th Avenue. The Moline Tennis Club has a Pickleball membership and fee schedule for our members. (and public)
    There will be two sessions – 15 weeks in the fall from Sept 19th to Dec 31st.
    The second session is 17 weeks from January 1st to April 30th
    Each session will cost $50 for a PB Membership (current Tennis members to only pay court fees)
    Our QCPC members will only pay $35 per session. Nice gesture on their part.
    Court Fees for Members – $30 for 10 drop ins or $5 daily drop in play – $7 for non-members. Balls provided by the TC.  Sign up starts Sept 1st.Expanded Play
    Monday – 8 – 12
    Tuesday 8 – 12 and 6:30 to 9:30 pm
    Wednesday 8 – 12
    Thursday 8 – 12
    Friday 8 – 12
    Saturday 3 – 7pm (no play on 6 Sat 10/8 – 10/29 – 11/5 – 11/19 – 12/10 – 12/17)
    Sunday 8 – 12  (no play on 5 Sun 10/9 – 10/30 – 11/20 – 12/11 & 12/25)Weekly Clinic Schedule
    Tuesday Advanced Clinic/games – 10 – 11am
    Wednesday Beginner/Intermediate – 10 – 11am
    Thursday Organized Play w rotations – all levels – 10 – 12 am

Pickleball Courts in Rock Island, Illinois

  • Indoors at Rock Island Fitness & Activity Center, 4303 24th Street, Rock Island. Drop-in Play – Monday through Friday 9-11 a.m. (Advanced/Intermediate), 11 a.m.-1 a.m. (Beginner/Intermediate), and Open Play 1-3 (except the Wednesdays that classes are held). Evening Play 7-9 p.m. Mondays. Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center, 4303 24th Street, Rock Island.  Fee: $3/$2, Punch cards are available. Three indoor courts available. Contact Annie Edwards. (309) 206-5029.
  • Evening Play 7-9 p.m. Mondays (Temporarily unavailable do to conflict) at the Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center, 4303 24th Street, Rock Island.  Fee: $3/$2, Punch cards are available. Three indoor courts available. Contact Annie Edwards. (309) 206-5029.
  • Outdoors at Lincoln Park, 3801 11th Ave. Drop-in Play – 8:00 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. Three outdoor tennis courts with lines marked for pickleball. Lights for evening play. If weather is bad or courts are wet, indoor play is available 9 to 11 a.m. at the Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center with a fee. Contact Annie Edwards. (309) 206-5029.
  • Outdoors at Lower Lincoln Park, 42nd St. and 9th Ave. Two outdoor courts available.
  • Outdoors at Longview Park, 1591 18th Ave. Two outdoor tennis courts with lines marked for pickleball available. Lights for evening play.
  • Outdoors at Mel McKay Park in Southwest Rock Island, 92nd Avenue and 14th Street W (on the corner of the Rock Island-Milan Beltway). Drop-in Play – 8:00 to 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday. 6 new dedicated Pickleball courts.  If weather is bad or courts are wet, indoor play is available 9 to 11 a.m. at the Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center with a fee. Contact Annie Edwards. (309) 206-5029.

Pickleball Courts in Silvis, Illinois

  • Outdoors at Friendship Park, 14th Street and Crosstown Avenue. One court available towards back of park, behind softball diamond.
  • Outdoors at Schadt Park, 12th Street and 4th Avenue. Drop-in Play — 5:00 to 7 p.m. Monday and Thursday. Two courts available. Rules posted on the fence near the entrance gate. Contact Bert Hanlin (309) 781-7954.

20 Responses to Places to Play

  1. Susan Collins says:

    Are there any places to play in Moline?

    • vickit28 says:

      Hi Susan,
      Yes, They now have two courts at Riverside park in Moline where they play every evening at 6:00 unless the Alleman Tennis team has a tennis meet. Once you are there, or if you are a QC Pickleball member, you can get information for a sign up sheet that we have on line.

      • Mike sims says:

        Do you still play at 6:00 cause new to pickleball and wanting places close by to play.thank you

      • vickit28 says:

        Hi Mike, We have several locations that play in the evening. Not sure where you are looking to play. The most up to date place to look is our schedule that is posted in MeetUp. It’s an app for your phone or you can access the site on a computer.

        Vicki Todd, Webmaster

  2. Sue Hofer says:

    I plan to visit Quad Cities this weekend (Friday-Monday) and would like to play. The weather for Saturday morning looks iffy. Is there a way I can find out, closer to the time, if the play will be outside or in?

    • vickit28 says:

      On our activities calendar page, below the calendar, the places to play are listed along with contacts that you could call for more info. Just look for the city where you are planning to play.

  3. Sandra Leif says:

    I see there are places to play indoors. Do you know if any of these places offer evening or weekend hours for indoor play this winter to accommodate those of us who work during the day but love to play? I know the RIFAC offers 1 evening.

    • vickit28 says:

      RIFAC has Monday evenings 7-9 p.m. Sportstown in Eldridge has Saturday from 8-11 a.m. Beyond the Baseline in Davenport will have Saturdays, but the times have not yet been announced. There is also a new opportunity at Arrowhead Ranch in Coal Valley on Saturdays. So far just two dates November 14th and 21st, have been set. Future dates will be scheduled depending on attendance. Check back on the website and our calendar for updates.

  4. Mike says:

    Are the Pickleball nets removed for the winter? If so when are they taken down and put back up?

  5. Nancy says:

    Why is West YMCA not listed as a place to play in the evenings Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 to 8:45 year round? Played there last night. There were 5 players, we had half of the gym to ourselves. The court can accommodate 3 nets without interference from the other side of the gym.

    Y membership is $37 person, $49 husband/wife a month. The $49 activation fee waived if you are referred by a current member. Membership can be cancelled 30 days in advance. Some health insurances will reimburse cost of membership.

  6. Nancy says:

    Thank you.

  7. Pingback: Sunday Play in Geneseo | Quad Cities Pickleball Club

  8. Walailawan Cunningham says:

    I am visiting family in Davenport this weekend 5/7-8. I would love to play pickleball. Any advice?

    • vickit28 says:

      Sorry I missed this note this morning as we have several places to play on Saturdays. Sunday, May 8th, there is pickleball at the Davenport West Y at 1 pm. In the future you can always check out our calendar on the website.

  9. Barb Taylor says:

    I am very interested to learn more!! Saw it on Paula Sands!!!

    • vickit28 says:

      Hi Barb, Glad you saw us on Paula Sands and that you are interested! The best way to learn to play is to join one of our classes. Our classes are listed on our website under places to play and also on our calendar. You will need to sign up ahead of time by contacting Sharon at You can also follow our Quad Cities Pickleball Club Facebook page for any updates.

      Vicki Todd, Webmaster

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