We invite you to stop by for drop-in play,  free lessons, and consider joining our club.

Why join?

  • We provide a strong voice in the community to advocate for the sport resulting in courts and places to play.
  • We sponsor organized play at multiple venues for people to come together to enjoy the sport.
  • We organize and sponsor tournaments and fun activities in the community.
  • We keep you informed with a website and social media.
  • We offer free lessons for players to learn the strategy of the game.
  • You are included under a liability insurance policy for club-sponsored activities.
  • Together we are strong.
  • For details on the club mission, bylaws, and meetings, see the About tab on the club website.

To join our club, fill out the Membership Application.

Mail your completed registration along with your check made payable to the Quad Cities Pickleball Club to QCPC, Attn: Membership, 4620 – 37th Ave. Rock Island, Il 61201


Membership dues will coincide with the Club’s Annual Picnic every September at which time you can pay in person; cash or check. Make your check payable to: Quad Cities Pickleball Club (QCPC) You can also mail to:

QCPC, Attn: Membership, 4620 – 37th Ave., Rock Island, IL 61201 

Membership dues will be due annually in September to coincide with the Club’s annual picnic. (New memberships will be prorated 1.25 per month when joining before/after Sept. See table for amt. the month you join)

Membership Dues: >Individual $15   >3-Year $40   > 5-Year $65   >Lifetime $180

*Additional Donations always welcomed 

Bonus for Multiple year memberships: 3 & 5 year levels will receive a ticket for a free Pickleball. Lifetime membership will receive their choice of a free QCPC shirt or 3-pack of Pickleballs.

Note: Since multiyear memberships will begin in September membership dues will have prorated fees bridged to September. Example: A 3-yr membership joining in January will be $50 ($10 prorated fee + $40) 

Also would request all membership dues (renewal dues and new applications & dues) be mailed to the above address and not given to a board member. 

Prorated Table: A single yr. will be the prorated fee, multi-yr. will add prorated fee. Example: A 3-yr membership joining in January will be $50 ($10 prorated fee + $40). 

Membership Dues (Prorated Amt.)
1 yr. 3 yr. 5 yr. Lifetime
Jan 10.00 50.00 75.00 180
Feb 8.75 48.75 73.75 180
Mar 7.50 47.50 72.50 180
Apr 6.25 46.23 71.25 180
May 5.00 45.00 70.00 180
Jun 3.75 43.75 68.75 180
Jul 2.50 42.50 67.50 180
Aug 1.25 41.25 66.25 180
Sep 15.00 40.00 65.00 180
Oct 13.75 53.75 78.75 180
Nov 12.50 52.50 77.50 180
Dec 11.25 61.25 76.25 180

****Club pickleball shirts can be ordered.  Club shirts will only be ordered in Sep, Feb and Jun.
We have them with collar or no collar. Lime Green or Brilliant Blue are the basic colors. Our club logo is embroidered on the top left side. Contact Judy Petersen if interested.  We usually have large orders twice a year but can do it at other times.  Email:

shirt shirt shirt shirt

Some great places to get Pickleball equipment and apparel.

Pickleball PattyWe all know Pickleball Patty. She has provided us with paddles and balls from day one and even before our Club was formed. She sells ProLite equipment and has a table at most of our Club events. While she does not have a computer, contact her by phone. (563-349-5249 or  563-355-5680) Give her a call and get your equipment from a reliable local source.



QCPC member David Rash is now a distributor for Selkirk. If anyone is interested in getting anything from Selkirk they can contact him at or phone: 563-271-0784. He does have some demo paddles available, too.
David will offer club members a 20% discount under the retail prices quoted on the Selkirk website

QCPC member Frank Cincola sells Engage paddles. I am Frank Cincola, Carol’s husband and I have recently acquired the Engage Pickleball dealership for this area. For product information, a link to Engage’s site is the best way to do that as I represent their entire product line.  Product discounts will be 5% off MSRP to all club members, 10% off multiple paddle purchases, and possibly other situation discounts, i.e. tournament special, etc.  I have demo’s and intend to make the rounds to the various playing sites so that monthly, I cover them all.  Anyone wanting to try a paddle can also contact me and arrange a meeting.  Here is my contact info and link to Engage.
Frank Cincola
309 444-6704 cell


Pickleball CentralAnother Club deal is Pickleball Central Club Rewards Program. Pickleball Central has created a discount code of CRQuad for our Club. The code is not case sensitive. The code is active now.

The code will provide 5% off everything purchased from Another 5% of the purchase price goes into a “kitty” for the club. Over the 2016 year, 5% of every purchase that uses our code will go into the club’s kitty which the Club can use to buy anything on Pickleball Central.

Pickleball Central also has a match the lowest price guarantee. Check them out!


Gamma Pickleball

Gamma Pickleball is offering a 20% discount online.  Use the code bp_sbl_s7912 when you order to receive the discount.

Quad City Tennis Club in Moline

Quad City Tennis Club in Moline

Arrowhead January 2016

Arrowhead Ranch
Larry Miller, Vicki Todd, Laurie Price, Casey Price, Bob Whitmore, Anna, Terri Cone, Pete Cone

Geneseo Open House January 2016

Geneseo Community Center
Back Row: Bob Graham, Larry Miller, Terri Cone, Pete Cone, Gary Radicic, Pam Carothers, Deb Allen
Front Row: Kaye Miller, Jens Rehder, Gary Dawson, Cheryl Radicic



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    • Hi Jennifer – Yes, you need to print it out and mail it in. We are working on an on line application, but we’re not quite there yet. Thanks for your interest in the club!

      Vicki Todd
      QCPC Webmaster

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