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 Click on QCPC Members list below. Once you sign-up your name should appear here. Dues are based on an annual membership. See date paid on this list.

If you do not see your name after signing up, please contact us. Encourage others  who enjoy the game to join the club. See the Memberships tab for registration form. Together we are stronger in promoting the game in our communities.

QCPC Members June 2019

A Message From The President – Dec. 2016

I want to wish all our Pickleball players a happy and joyous Christmas. We are now over 450 strong. You should be very proud of what you have helped build these past few years. Everywhere I go, Tournaments, Clinics here as well as Florida and Arizona I tell people of our Club with over 450 members, 60 plus courts including 32 dedicated courts and 7 indoor venues. They tell me how lucky we are. I have not met anyone who can boast a better Club.
My job as President has been made easy and fun due to you and the hard work and time spent by our Committees, Web Master, Email Guru, Ambassadors and volunteers.
Thank you all for a job well done. Share the Christmas spirit with everyone you know.

-Larry Miller

Message to Beginners from the President (old timer message found below)

Welcome to our Club. I hope it is a pleasant experience so far. Most of you trained with Sharon Walters and learned what we all know. She is a great treasure for our Club. Thank you Sharon.

A little bump in the road you may stumble into is how to mix in with the experienced players. I think we have the most fun when we play with others of the same ability. We also want to improve our game and the easiest way to do that is play with those who are better than we are. That is where difficulty may occur. You may not know who they are and end up with players much better than you and not be fun for either of you. Every Club struggles with how to keep this mix manageable. The vast majority of our experienced players understand this and will welcome you to play. There are a few though who just don’t want to play with beginner players. Don’t take it personal. Some day they will be old and you will be better and can beat the pants off them. My wife is not in favor of that line of thought and she is always right so you should ignore that kind of thinking.

Generally what happens is that during drop in play everyone will play with everyone else for the first hour or so of the session. Then later the experienced players tend to get together and play hard nose pickle ball. A few will try to start the session this way so watch for that.

Winter play may make this situation a little more apparent due to fewer courts on which to play.

Note for the Old Timer Experienced players

Ok you better than everyone else snobs, get with the program. Sorry, slip of the keyboard there. What I meant to say was – You nice people and you know who you are, please be considerate of our new players and join them at the beginning of our play sessions. You were a beginner once and from what I could see did not play for crap. No, no, what I meant to say is – you have done a wonderful job of improving your game and will be a good role models for our Club. Think of it this way. Some day you will be in the home and these new players may be your caretakers.


Summary of Member Locales
Bettendorf, Iowa 117
Blue Grass, Iowa 9
Davenport, Iowa 132
DeWitt, Iowa 9
Eldridge, Iowa 19
Le Claire, Iowa 13
Long Grove, Iowa 6
Muscatine, Iowa 3
Princeton, Iowa 3
Riverdale, Iowa 1
Stockton, Iowa 2
Abingdon, Illinois 1
Aledo, Illinois 1
Atkinson, Illinois 4
Cambridge, Illinois 3
Coal Valley, Illinois 14
Colona, Illinois 2
East Moline, Illinois 17
Geneseo, Illinois 23
Hampton, Illinois 2
Kewanee, Illinois 2
Knoxville, Illinois 1
Lanark, Illinois 2
Macomb, Illinois 1
Matherville, Illinois 1
Milan, Illinois 14
Moline, Illinois 49
Morrison, Illinois 1
Orion, Illinois 2
Port Byron, Illinois 3
Prophetstown, Illinois 2
Rock Island, Illinois 45
Sherrard, Illinois 2
Silvis, Illinois 8
Taylor Ridge, Illinois 4
Florida, Illinois 3
Total Members 521

1 thought on “Club Roster

  1. Some folks don’t get IT, but us others do, and will continue with our smiles and enjoying our happyness with LIFE.

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