Visitor From Michigan At The Tennis Club

Had a visitor last night. Her name is Karen “Kish” Kishpaugh.  She is from Michigan and came thru on her way to AZ.  I was able to get a group together and we went to play at the Tennis Club.  I met her at the TASC 2 festival in KC last year.  Cindy Wiseman

Connie Coene, Susie Archer, Laura Downing, Cindy Wiseman, Diane Bliss, Steve Archer, Dave Coene with Karen in center front

Karen & Cindy

Pickleball Is Going To Kenya!

Last year several of our members who play at the Eldridge courts met a new player to PB. Euticauls Wambua was visiting from Kenya.

He was warmly received and soon had a paddle in his hand and was enjoying the game.
This year one of our members, Andrea Ideker, is traveling to Kenya in late July to introduce PB to a newly opened high school. This school has 58 girls in attendance, most of whom are from a large slum in Nairobi and would not be able to attend high school if it were not for this school. Education is vital for getting out of poverty, but young women have very little opportunity for education beyond 8th grade.
Euticauls believes introducing PB there will not just be good for the girls individually but also for the school as a new sport they can promote to other schools.

The QCPC board approved for us to reach out to the club for help. We are requested money or donations of paddles, balls, draw string bags for these young high school women in Kenya. Our QC members are known for their generosity and proved it again! What a great way to support PB internationally!!!

This photo is only some of items!!!  We have collected a total of $550, 62 shirts, bags and medals.  There is enough for one bag for each girl with a ball in each bag as well a personal item that others have given ( soap, toothpaste, etc.).   There are 33 paddles and too many balls to count.  We appreciate all your help from day 1. Andrea will take lots of pictures and we’ll be posting an update from her trip. Thanks for help and kindness QCPC members! Your prayers are welcome too!

Some background information from Andrea:

This is not my first trip to Kenya but it is my first one with suitcases loaded with pickle balls and equipment.

My connection with Kenya began in 2007 going with a team to serve orphans in the city of Nairobi and surrounding areas. While on that trip we washed children’s feet and fitted them with new shoes. One of our stops was to a private school in the large slum of Korogocho. This slum is an area of 3 square miles, home to some 400,000 to 750,000 people.  Many living there scavage thru the city dump for their living.  The Kariobangi Youth Center educates 350 children Pre-K thru grade 8, not only providing quality education but 2 meals a day.

It is very difficult for those in poverty to be able to attend high school and especially for young women as they are exposed to social evils of the slum, some forced into early marriages and abuse.

Pastor Euticauls Wambua the administrative director of the school also attended the school when it was a trade school.  He had a dream to be able to provide a way for those children who completed the 8thgrade to go to high school.  In 2014 he received a donation to purchase land outside of the city and construction was stared a few months later. Classes began in the fall of 2018. There are 60 young women attending and living in the dorms. Only 10 of these families are able to pay part of the tuition.

In 2016 my 2 granddaughters and I worked in the grade school as well as spent 3 days painting at the high school. When we return this year we will be celebrating the formal opening and dedication of the school.

Last fall Euticauls  visited the U.S. While here, I took him to play pickle ball in Eldridge. Though he had never heard of PB he soon had a paddle in his hand and was learning the game. In talking with some of the other players he commented ,”What a good sport for the girls to learn.” Believing this would be good for them individually as well as a new sport to promote to other schools, an idea was born!  Which brings us to where we are today.

The QCBP club has been totally behind this endeavor and has helped promote the collecting of balls, paddles, shirts, bags and funds to pay for nets and tape. I am leaving later in July with my suitcases bulging and my heart full of joy as I look forward to seeing these young women laughing, running and learning how to “stay out of the kitchen”.

Thanks again, blessings to you all

Andrea Ideker