We had a “tall” visitor today at Kiwanis. Mo Brandle is not sitting in front of him😱 Matt Fish is in town for family graduation and he loves pickleball too!

He will be here a few more days an plans on playing at Kiwanis. He is currently retired from the NBA.

Visitor From Michigan At The Tennis Club

Had a visitor last night. Her name is Karen “Kish” Kishpaugh.  She is from Michigan and came thru on her way to AZ.  I was able to get a group together and we went to play at the Tennis Club.  I met her at the TASC 2 festival in KC last year.  Cindy Wiseman

Connie Coene, Susie Archer, Laura Downing, Cindy Wiseman, Diane Bliss, Steve Archer, Dave Coene with Karen in center front

Karen & Cindy