Medals in Arizona

Vicki Ryan and Jeff Collar win Bronze! From Vicki:

Played in the Fun in the Sun tourney hosted by the Sun City West Pickleball Club. Jeff and I fought our through the opportunity bracket to win Bronze in the 4.0 60+ level. It was a tough field but we were in every game. Thank you Jeff for your patience and coaching. Martha and I played doubles Wednesday in 25 mph winds with gusts to 40. The weather was not fun to play in. We came one game short of the medal round. Thank you Martha for partnering with me in AZ! Now back to Iowa!

Two Club Members Gain Sponsors

Congratulations to two of our members who have gained sponsorship! Well done!

Sutinan Senasu (Tina) joined Team Selkrirk and formed Team Selkirk Thailand to help spread the game of pickleball throughout Thailand and Asia. Congratulations Tina! We know you will be a terrific representative! You can find her in the Athlete’s Corner on the Selkirk website. From Tina:

I joined Team Selkirk Thailand to help spread the game of pickleball throughout Thailand and Internationally. I am so excited and beyond happy at this great opportunity from Selkirk Sport and am hoping to represent Team Selkirk Thailand and the QCPC as well.
🙏 Thank you to all my pickleball friends and the QCPC for your support.
Best Regards,
Sutinan B. Senasu (Tina )


Laurie Lartz has a Net Sponsor, Zona Communications (a local internet provider), where she plays out in Arizona. Congratulations Laurie! From Laurie:

A friend of mine here who is also sponsored by Zona offered to talk to them about sponsoring me when he heard I won bronze in Nationals, and gold and bronze in two sanctioned tournaments last fall here in AZ. They agreed to sponsor me and gave me the shirt, caps, and other freebies.  Attached is a pic they posted on their Facebook page of my friend and I after we won bronze last November.