ATTENTION Kiwanis PB Players

WELL, this Thursday, which is September 19th, is United Way Day of Caring, and I talked to a few “regulars” who play at Kiwanis, to see if, after we play PB on that Thursday morning, bring a sack lunch, and then around 12:00 or 12:30 wash and squeegee the courts. I mentioned it to about a dozen people, and we have 2 power washers and lots of hoses that people will bring. And Janette has okayed it with the city to use the water.


1.  On Thursday September 19th, following play in the morning, we need volunteers to help clean/ wash the Kiwanis courts. You might add that it is the UW day of caring.

2.  Bring a sack lunch if you’d like. I will bring a cooler with ice to keep lunches cold.

3.  We have power washers and hoses but need people to sweep and squeegee.

4.  If it rains we will try for Friday the 20th.

“Many hands make light work” 😊

Thank you!
Mary Hutter

QCPC September General Meeting

September 9, 2019

 Barb Shinbori, Ambassador, opened the general meeting at approximately 6:00 pm at the Northwest Park, Davenport, pickleball courts. Dinner was catered by Pizza Ranch, Davenport.

Board Members Present:  Larry Miller, Jason Roth, Cindy Wiseman, Janette Harrington, Rose Barman, Lori Holst, Randy Wince

Other Members: all club members were invited to vote for next year’s vacant Board positions, socialize, play pickleball, and eat dinner.

Our sincere appreciation to the outgoing President, Larry Miller, who has served our club well and dedicated many volunteer hours. Thank you also to Rose Barman who will continue to hold newbie play at Mel McKay.

Results of Voting

  • Janette Harrington, President
  • Lori Holst, Secretary
  • Scott Campbell, Tim Harty and Randy Wince, Members At Large.

Full 2019-2020 Board Members

  • Janette Harrington, President 2 years
  • Jason Roth, Vice President 1 year
  • Cindy Wiseman, Treasurer 1 year
  • Lori Holst, Secretary 2 years
  • Scott Campbell, At Large 1 year
  • Tim Harty, At Large 1 year
  • Randy Wince, At Large 1 year

Other Activity

  • Volunteers for various committees were solicited.
  • Vendors set up tables to sell paddles and balls.
  • There were numerous door prize items given out.
  • Jeff Collar took orders for Club name tags. They are $9 and can also be purchased through the Club website.
  • Judy Petersen took orders for Club shirts.

Other Business

On 8/21/19 by email vote, the Board agreed to have Terri Cone buy 2 display boxes and a holder for membership applications, not to exceed $500, to be adhered to the Mel McKay shed.  Janette Harrington made the motion, Jason Roth seconded. Motion carried.

On 8/21/19 Cindy Wiseman made a motion to give two used and serviceable nets to Christ United Methodist Church. Jason Roth seconded. Motion carried by email vote. Nets were brought to the Church for the 9/8/19 grand opening of their sports center.

Next Board meeting TBD.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 6:15 pm.

Janette Harrington, Secretary

September 4th Board Minutes

Minutes from the August meeting and the September 3rd meeting can be found on the Board Minutes page

Call to Order:     Larry Miller, President, called the meeting to order at 2:50pm at QCTC in Moline.

Board Members Present: Lori Holst, Cindy Wiseman, Jason Roth. Randy Wince

Other Member Present: Annie Edwards,  Steve Szalo, Rose Barman, David Rumler, Dan Raney, Bob McCartney, Larry Miller

Information give by Jim from QCTC about Team Institution Membership – see attached sheet

Jim also answered the following questions:

Will more than 4 courts be available for pickleball if there are more than 16 people there?   Yes, definitely – most of the time all 10 courts will be available

Will the 4 dedicated courts be used for tennis during tennis tournaments? No – pickleball only

Will we get a written contract stating what we get for $2000? No – too many variables as far as time for open play, etc.

Do we have access to the 4 dedicated courts any time the QCTC is open? Yes

Will the QCTC use any of the 4 courts for lessons, etc during “open” play time?  They will not use the courts for lessons during any peak pickleball time – the QCTC wants pickleball players to WANT to play there.  They aim to please.  Clinics, etc will be at less busy times.  They are looking to fill courts on ‘off’ times.

Purchase a 10 drop-in punch card for $30 and the play is $3 each time.  The club keeps track of the punches used.  No actual punch card to keep track of.

Lori Holst made a motion for the QCPC to pay the $2000 Team Institution Membership to QCTC for a one year membership.  Seconded by Cindy Wiseman.  Motion carried.  Cindy will write them a check on 9/5/19.  The Membership begins then.

Next meeting will be held at the Annual Membership Picnic Sunday, September 8, 2019 at Northwest Park in Davenport.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm.

Lori Holst, acting secretary