The Quad Cities Pickleball Club is organized to promote the growth and development of pickleball.  We provide a forum to organize multiple places to play the game in the area, free lessons, and group activities. We serve as an outreach group to area cities, schools, and park districts to help spread the fun and healthful benefits of the activity.

The Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(7) social and recreational organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors. The Club is committed to further the growth of pickleball among players of all ages and characteristics. We are dedicated to helping players learn and improve their play through instructional lessons, drop-in and other organized playing opportunities.

The Club is proud to be affiliated with the USA Pickleball Association, which provides the infrastructure for the development of the sport through promulgation of official rules, sponsoring and sanctioning tournaments and clinics, ranking players, communicating with its members via e-mail and newsletters, training of all levels of players, and otherwise promoting pickleball. You are invited to join the USA Pickleball Association as a separate membership. (See http://www.USAPA.org.)

QCPC Year in Review, Sep16-Sep17

Club By-laws

Bylaws QC Pickleball – Amended July 2017

Club Meetings

General meetings once a year in September. These meetings consist of a short business meeting followed by a planned program. The election of club officers is held at the beginning of the meetings with the officers actually assuming their positions October 1st.

The coming  CLUB ANNUAL MEETING will be held in September 2017, at Northwest Park in Davenport, Iowa. Members will vote on officers for the club.

Board Meetings

The QCPC Board of Directors meet on the second Monday of each month. All club members are welcome to attend the QCPC board meetings. People wishing to present issues to the board or request funding from the board are encouraged to contact the appropriate committee for review and recommendation. You are welcome to present your position and solution in person. Member input will be the first item on the agenda, however if action/discussion is required, the board may redirect the issue to a committee for their input in order to avoid a long meeting. This may result in a delay of another month to resolve the issue/request.  It will be more efficient to start at the committee level first.

Our next QCPC board meeting will be Monday, April 9, 2018 at the Welcome Inn in Milan (118-10th Ave.). Come eat at 5 p.m. and the meeting will be at 6 p.m. We can use the room for free as long as people order food. Come see what the club has planned for the summer!

April 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

Board Minutes


Club Board Members and Committee Responsibilities

Larry Miller (Port Byron, Illinois) President – 2017-2019

Dave Rash (Bettendorf, Iowa) Vice President – 2016-2018

Janette Harrington (Bettendorf, Iowa) Secretary – 2017-2019

Terri Cone (Silvis, Illinois) Treasurer – 2016-2018


At Large Members

(selected by the 4 elected officers)

Mary Healy (1 year term) (Eldridge)

Cindy Wiseman (1 year term) (Davenport)

Carol Cincola (1 year term) (Rock Island)



Dave Stover (Geneseo, Illinois)

Sharon Walters (Coal Valley, Illinois)

Barb Shinbori (Davenport, Iowa)

Ruth Senneff (Bettendorf, Iowa)

Scott Stocker (DeWitt, Iowa)


Committee Chairs

Finance – Carolyn Hingst (Davenport, Iowa)

Membership – Annie Edwards (Rock Island, Illinois)

Public Relations – Ruth Senneff (Bettendorf, Iowa)

Training & Skill Development – Sharon Walters ( Coal Valley, Illinois)

Tournaments – Dave Stover (Geneseo, Illinois)

Social – Jolene Otto (Iowa), Sue Normoyle (Illinois)

Web Site – Vicki Todd (Rock Island, Illinois), Barb Shinbori (Davenport, Iowa)


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