Got word that there are more men than women for this event on Saturday.

If interested you can call or email: rivercitiestennis@gmail.com

Also call (563) 219-8826 Below is more information sent from the River Cities Tennis/Pickleball Center in Clinton:

This is just a reminder of an upcoming pickleball tournament in Clinton on March 16th. We will begin with mens and womens 3.0 and 4.0 doubles plus our 2.0 plus open division at 8:30 AM to be followed by mixed doubles. In the past, we have had a great response and normally are done by 3:30 PM in the afternoon. Please let us know soon if you would like to be part of the fun. Cost is $20 for one event and $25 for two events. The goal for the tourney is to play as many games as possible in a positive fun environment! To enter, either download the form and return or reply to this email with your name (partner(s)) name(s) and the level that you are playing. In this tournament, you can only play at one level. Thanks and pickle ON!

You can dress in your St. Patty’s Green too!🍀

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