Swing Tips

SWING Tips from Ron Elbe:

Recently I’ve noticed that many players use the same type of stroke regardless of their position on the court and the tactical situation.  That is like a golfer playing a round of golf with only one club.

Golfers need a whole bag of clubs to play a round of golf.  Pickleball is simpler.  You only need three strokes to play effectively.


Full, smooth backswing and a full, smooth stroke with long follow through
The most powerful of the three strokes
Used primarily from the baseline area

Little or no backswing, just a straight ahead stroke
Keep your paddle up and close to your chest to be prepared to strike with this shot
Much easier to execute if you let the ball get close enough to you that you can hit it with your elbow bent.
Used at the NVL to react quickly and aggressively to short shots

Just pick up the ball with the paddle and let it drop over the net
No backswing, but follow through
Don’t think of it as a hit ……….. just a lift and follow through
It’s your dinking weapon
Easier to implement if you hit the ball diagonally across the net rather than directly in front of you

If you develop and use the appropriate stroke, your game should become much more effective.

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    Comment for Ron Elbe: Just read your book; great job. If you would not mind answering a question I would appreciate it. From a Big Picture perspective, what are three things that a player must do to take their game to the next level? VR Rich

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