Club Sponsored Clinic — Coming in June

Come and train with the pro’s!  Pickleball Club members will have the opportunity to register the next two weeks for these clinic’s and dinner, beginning 4/19/17 thru 5/1/17.  In May the clinics will open up to all other pickleball players in the region. We will use Pure 2 balls donated by Onix.

All registration will be done by email on a first come first serve basis. I will send out a confirmation when received.

You can find the pro’s on YouTube.. Below is some information on them.

Mar 2015 Pickleball Central Article; Stephanie Lane:

April 2015 Pickleball Central Article; Dave Weinbach
Spring Swing Pickleball Tournament OMX RR Dave Weinbach …

June clinic

Registration Form for June 9 Youth Clinic

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  1. Edwfiv says:

    Great.. Thanks.. the flyer I updated the ball info is on it too.. And thanks for correcting my typo…:

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