November Board Minutes

November 14, 2016


David Rash, Vice President, called the Board Meeting to order at 6:07pm at Pizza Ranch in Bettendorf.

Board Members Present:  Terri Cone and Janette Harrington

Other Club Members Present: Nancy Bodinet, Pete Cone, Dave Stover, Sharon Walters, Tom Biehl, Gary DeMoss, Lynda DeMoss, Kay Rash, Patty Goetsch, Beverly McCarty, Sandy Arp, Ed Arp, Ruth Senneff, Larry White, David Hoogheem, Karen Otto, Dennis Boehme, Judy Petersen, Vicki Ryan, Chuck Cline, Barb Cline, Leslie Swords, Barb Shinbori, Jolane Otto, Carolyn Hingst, Marla Hilbert, Cathy Gaines

October minutes were approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report: Terri Cone

Opening Balance as of 10-1-16$4390.21

Total Deposits   3227.00

Expenses  (1653.17)

Closing Balance as of 10-31-16 $5964.04

NW Park reserve $1285.53

PR: Ruth Senneff

  • Marcie Fosdick is joining the PR committee.
  • Geneseo Open House is 11/15 from 9-11am.
  • 250 sheets of club stationery has been printed and received.
  • 6 new members joined our club in October making our total head count 456.
  • 440 likes or followers on Facebook.
  • 3000 views and 800 visitors to our Website.
  • 259 people on MeetUp but RIFAC is the venue that uses this app the most.  As we get in to the winter months and with so many places to play indoors, we encourage all members to use MeetUp.  This is not only to know who and how many people are going to a certain facility but it is also out of courtesy for the organizers that open the facility and sets up the nets.   Frank, who sets up for North Scott High School, would especially appreciate knowing who and how many players are coming.  Please start using MeetUp.  If you have any questions, please email Vicki Todd at
  • Ruth made a list of all the Club events and projects for the past year.  We should be proud of the accomplishments of our growing and all volunteer club.  The list is available on our website.


  • Dave Stover reported that 73 people played in the Backpack Blessings tournament. The Club netted over $2000 from the tournament.  A Big Thank You to Dave and Nancy Stover.
  • Barb Shinbori went to the Nationals tournament in Palm Creek as an Ambassador of our club. She got to meet some of the PB pros and  received some training from them.

Old Business:

  • A vote was taken on the nomination of Barb Cline and David Hoogheem to be At Large members for the IA side.  It passed unanimously.
  • A By-Laws Review Committee was formed to review our current By-Laws.  Members include David Rash, Terri Cone, Janette Harrington, Carolyn Hingst and Dave Hoogheem.
  • Terri Cone presented the plan for future membership renewal fees.  Motion to accept the plan by Gary DeMoss and seconded by Tom Biehl. Motion carried.  An amendment to the plan was made by Sharon Walters that all new members will be charged $1.25 per month until September of each year and then the membership fee will be $15 per year.  Second by Leslie Swords. Motion carried.  The original submission of the plan is on our website.

New Business:

  • IPTPA Skills Clinic will be held in Arlington Heights on 12/2-3 and about 20 of our club members will attend.  This is the organization that is taking responsibility for certifying PB instructors for the USAPA.  Two of our club members are, or in the process, of getting certified.
  • We are looking for sponsors and donors from the community for our club PB needs.
  • Sharon Walters is planning a tournament to be held at RIFAC on May 5 and 6, 2017.
  • Our Pickleball Patti Goetsch donated $70 to our club from sales of her paddles this year.  Thank you for your continued club support, Patti.
  • Terri Cone reported that a club survey was put out 2 months ago with very little response.  We will put this survey out again and we appreciate your comments.  This is your chance to voice your opinions, constructively, to help us grow our club to fit our many needs.

Next meeting will be held in January 2017.  TBD.

Nov. 16th Reports to the Board

QCPC Activities Sept 2015-Sept 2016

Annual Membership Renewal

The meeting adjourned at 7:08 p.m.
Janette Harrington, Secretary

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