Backpack Blessings Tournament Results

Congratulations to all who participated in the Backpack Blessings tournament! Thank you for you participation!

Men’s Doubles 3.0

Gold – Blaine Carroll/BarryMurchie

Silver – Dean Carothers/Steve Morrison

Bronze – David Hoogheem/Mark Gerlach (NA)

Backpack Blessings

Men’s Doubles 3.5

Gold – Larry White/Craig Humphreys

Silver – Butch Fosdick/Steve Szalo

Bronze – Jeremy Rosenstein/Jim Lemberger

Backpack blessings

Men’s Doubles 4.0

Gold – Ryan Roeth/Tom Jennings

Silver – Mike Shears/Justin Baxter

Bronze – David DeSimone/Collin Vero-Casavant

Backpack blessings

Women’s Doubles 2.5

Gold – Vicki Ryan/Leslie Swords

Silver – Cindy Wiseman/Sandy Schwarz

Bronze – Terri Cone/Dianne Bliss

Backpack Blessings

Women’s Doubles 3.0

Gold – Karen Sparbel/Marla Hilbert

Silver – Mary Healy/Mary Ann Carstens

Bronze – Carolyn Hingst/Marcie Fosdick

Backpack Blessings

Women’s Doubles 3.5

Gold – Janette Harrington/Julie Edmonds

Silver – Megan Little/Debra Robinson

Bronze – Vanessa Anderson/Christine Fricke

Backpack Blessings

Mixed Doubles 3.0 A

Gold – Sandy Schwarz/Jeremy Rosenstein

Silver – Jill Walsh/Paul Pearson

Bronze – Debbie Menke/Mark Gerlach


Mixed Doubles 3.0 B

Gold – Mary Healy/Dave Langrock

Silver – Ruth Sendoff/Dean Carothers

Bronze – Rosemary Dailey/Ron Elbe


Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold – Judy Petersen/Larry White

Silver – Vanessa Anderson/Jeff Collar

Bronze – Janette Harrington/David Rash


Mixed Doubles 4.0

Gold – Caitee Margenthaler/Tom Jennings

Silver – Megan Little/Justin Baxter

Bronze – Julie Edmonds/Craig Humphreys (not pictured)


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One Response to Backpack Blessings Tournament Results

  1. Lisa Griffin says:

    I’m interested in your experience of using for this tournament. We (Boise Area Pickleball Association) are considering using them to run our tournament. Thanks.

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