October Board Minutes

October 10, 2016


David Rash, Vice President, called the Board Meeting to order at 11:07a.m. at Kiwanis Park.

Board Members Present: Terri Cone and Janette Harrington

Other Club Members Present: Mary Ann Carstens, Carolyn Hingst, Dennis Boehme, Barb Shinbori, Cecil James Roth, Annie Edwards, Bob Whitmore, Pete Cone, Barb Cline, Dave Stover, Jack Hermie, Dave Langrock, David Hoogheem, Tom Brooks

September minutes were approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report: Terri Cone

Opening Balance as of 9-1-16       $4969.90

Total Deposits                                 2173.00

Expenses                                         (2752.69)

Closing Balance as of 9-30-16         $4390.21
NW Park reserve                      $1285.53


The Club sends a Big Thank You to Tom Biehl for serving as Vice President and to Mary Ann Carstens for serving as our past Treasurer.


  • Barb Shinbori reported that the Iowa Senior Olympics will be held in February.
  • Dave Stover reported that there are 73 registrants for the upcoming Backpack Blessings tournament.


  • Schadt Park in Silvis has 2 dedicated PB courts and the existing tennis court will have lines for 2 PB courts.
  • It was suggested that the Bettendorf Park Board put a cement barrier around the Kiwanis courts to keep the weeds/grass from the courts.
  • NW Park continues to have PB players and now on Wednesday evenings.
  • Mel McKay will get a donated locker that has been refurbished. Annie Edwards will check with the Park Board regarding placement.
  • There was discussion on how to keep in touch with the various Park Boards for the maintenance of the PB courts and to give them an update on court usage. It was suggested that there be a group made up of court monitors and Board members to keep in contact with Park Boards. More to follow.


  • The committee agreed that the IPTPA certified training costs would be paid by the club and approved on a case-by-case basis. The Board will review each request and discuss the payback or advantage to the Club. Any member wanting to go through the certification process must pay for the fees upfront and after passing the exams, will be reimbursed by the Club if so approved.
  • A motion was made by Dennis Boehme, second by Barb Shinbori to pay for the IPTPA teaching certification fees for Larry Miller and Janette Harrington. Payment for future annual dues will be reviewed and dependent on the advantages to the Club for having these two certified trainers.
  • The Club audit was performed on 9-23-16 by David Rash, Barb Cline and Carolyn Hingst. It was determined that the financial records were up to date and accurate. The following recommendations were made:

1) All receipts should be dated, signed and the proper items noted.

2) Monthly updates should include all receipt information and proper documentation.

3) Filing should be during the month of expenditure.

4) A yearly review should be completed.

 New Business:

  • In the future, membership renewal fees will be on a fiscal basis and will occur in September of each year. This will preclude year round administration duties. To get current members on this fiscal program, their renewal fees will be prorated for 2017. Terri Cone, Barb Shinbori and Annie Edwards will work on the logistics. The annual renewal sign-up will coincide with the Club’s Annual Picnic.
  • The winter schedule for places to play PB is on the website. The use of Meet-Up is encouraged so members can see who is playing where.
  • Currently there are 3 At Large members from the IL side – Gary DeMoss, Sharon Walters and Sue Normoyle. Barb Cline and David Hoogheem were nominated to be the At Large members to represent IA. The vote will be taken once there is a club quorum.
  • Discussion on 2017 tournaments.
  • David Rash read the letter from the City of Moline Parks and Rec Department thanking the Club for sponsoring Purses for Parks. They raised over $15,000 for the Riverside Park tennis and PB courts.

Next meeting TBD.

 The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Janette Harrington, Secretary

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