QCPC Sep Board Minutes

QCPC Board Meeting

September 26, 2016


Larry Miller, President, called the Board Meeting to order at 6:00pm at NW Park in Davenport.

Board Members Present: Tom Biehl, Mary Ann Carstens, Janette Harrington

Other Club Members Present: General meeting of about 150 people

August minutes were approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Ann Carstens

Closing Balance as of 8-31-16 $6779.00

Balance includes NW Park donations which will be broken out in future reports.

Election of Officers:

David Rash was nominated for Vice President and Terri Cone was nominated for Treasurer. Motion was made by Karen Christiansen, second by Carolyn Hingst and was agreed to by general consensus of all who attended the Annual Meeting and picnic. They will serve a 2 year term.

Volunteers needed for various club committees. Committees are – Membership, Public Relations, Finance, Tournament, Training and Skill Development, Social, and Web Page. If you would like to be on any of these committees, please contact Janette Harrington at jkhjwh@gmail.com. Meetings are minimal and none require a lot of time. It’s a good way to get more involved in our club.

Dave Stover gave a recap of the upcoming Backpack Blessings tournament which will be held on Tuesday, October 18. We encourage you to enter this charity tournament and will try to find partners if you require one. Details on the club website.

Sharon Walters is holding a Beginner’s tournament at Mel McKay Park on October 4. This is a great way for beginners to experience tournament play. Details on the club website.

Scott Stocker – The Clinton Tennis Club converted their tennis courts to 8 pickleball courts and will hold tournaments on October 15 and January 14. Details to follow.

From the August 31 Finance meeting, it was decided:

  • To purchase a Tudor Ball machine for $800 to be used for drills and training classes. Approved by the Finance Committee and by the 4 Executive Board members.
  • Selection of Audit Committee to include David Rash, Barb Cline and Carolyn Hingst. Audit to be done when books are closed out on October 1.

The next club board meeting will be held on Monday, October 10 at 11am at Kiwanis Park.

The meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
Janette Harrington, Secretary

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