Sign Up For PB Membership At The Tennis Club


The Moline Tennis Club has a Pickleball membership and fee schedule for our members. (and public)

There will be two sessions – 15 weeks in the fall from Sept 19th to Dec 31st.

The second session is 17 weeks from January 1st to April 30th

Each session will cost $50 for a PB Membership (current Tennis members to only pay court fees)

Our QCPC members will only pay $35 per session. Nice gesture on their part.

Court Fees for Members – $30 for 10 drop ins or $5 daily drop in play – $7 for non members. Sign up starts Sept 1st.

Expanded Play
Monday – 8 – 12
Tuesday 8 – 12 and 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Wednesday 8 – 12
Thursday 8 – 12
Friday 8 – 12
Saturday 3 – 7pm (no play on 6 Sat 10/8 – 10/29 – 11/5 – 11/19 – 12/10 – 12/17)
Sunday 8 – 12  (no play on 5 Sun 10/9 – 10/30 – 11/20 – 12/11 & 12/25)

Weekly Clinic Schedule
Tuesday Advanced Clinic/games – 10 – 11am
Wednesday Beginner/Intermediate – 10 – 11am
Thursday Organized Play w rotations – all levels – 10 – 12 am

Balls provided by the TC

Ryan and Caitee would like to have 50 PB memberships this fall and be able to go to their Board and ask them to add PICKLEBALL to the Tennis Club name.

Our QC Club has come a long way this past year both outside and now inside at the Tennis Club. Ryan and Caitee have been very helpful in introducing and now expanding Pickleball at the Tennis Club. In addition to the above schedule our Club is planning a tournament this fall and details are being worked out for a PB Boot Camp next May. Additional Club training sessions are also being planned at the TC thru the year.

So, I am asking our PB membership to support the Tennis Club and join their program. Our PB Club is looking at doing more regional tournaments and Boot Camps each year. The Tennis Club will be very much in the center of those plans. This is a great place to play year around. Kaye & I are all in. Please consider joining.

Larry Miller  Pres QCPBC

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