Mel McKay Youth Pickleball Camp a Success!

The QCPC partnered with Rock Island Parks and Recreation, offering a four-day pickleball youth camp on June 27-July 1 at Mel McKay courts.
Eleven campers from age 7 to 14 came to the courts to learn and practice the game and to participate in a five-game tournament on the final day.
A drawing for a new paddle and various other prizes closed out the camp.

John Gripp, director of RIP&R, stopped by on Tuesday, along with a reporter and photographer from the Dispatch/Argus.  The camp and the new Mel McKay courts were featured in the following day’s edition.
QCPC president Larry Miller joined the group on Wednesday,  Two of the campers challenged Larry and their tennis coach (who had come to watch) to a game, adding to the fun!

QCPC members planned and staffed the camp activities.  Staff consisted of: Rose Barman, Diane Bliss, Connie Coene, Terri and Pete Cone, Patty and Tom Huff, Ruth Senneff, Vicki Todd, and Sharon Walters.

Volunteers received many positive comments from kids, parents and grandparents, along with requests to repeat the camp next year.


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