Coach Russell’s Training Clinic Was a Huge Success!

To All

A big thank you for your participation in Mondays training clinic. I heard nothing but positive feed back on how Coach Russell led the group through their pickleball paces.
Because of your interest in improving your pickleball skills and how Coach Russell led this clinic, we are looking into a Pickleball Boot camp for the Quad City Pickleball Club and others in our region. Next year we hope to put together a multi-day activity led by professional trainers like Coach Russell and his fellow top-notch national players. Possible venues could be the Moline Tennis Club and or our dedicated courts in Kiwanis, Eldridge and Davenport.
No dates or details yet but with your support I think we can start an annual Regional Pickleball activity that will compare with any training clinic in the nation. A 400+ member club gets the attention of big time PB people.
Check out our web site to see the link to Coach Russell and his Boot Camp this fall. Remember he said if you email him early, he can save a spot for you at this Camp for those below 4.0 skill level.

Meanwhile we will also try to put together times on our courts to review the skills and drills that Coach presented to our Club. Most all of our courts now have a monitor who will help coordinate times for these skill sessions. Talk to them and let them know what you want.

From Coach Russell:

Thanks for all the positive feedback.  I absolutely loved your group and seeing people play at the sr games!   I did get a chance to visit the indoor tennis center and it would be ideal for an Improvement Camp!  In the meantime if Larry can send out an email regarding this years Boot Camp in North Carolina’s “Smokey Mountains”, that would be great.  Thanks again for inviting to the Quad Cities area for the training….fun, fun, fun!

Suncoast Pickleball Boot Camp
September 25th-30th, 2016
Montreat Conference Center, NC
$650 for 5 days including instruction, room, meals and socials
Go to to register

Coach Russell

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One Response to Coach Russell’s Training Clinic Was a Huge Success!

  1. Janette Harrington says:

    Great sessions with Coach Russell. Thanks to the photographer for capturing the day. Looking forward to our local boot camp.

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