New Skill Sessions for Skill Levels in June

QCPB Club is developing a skill schedule for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players different from drop in play that we now have in place. Various venues may have sessions during afternoon, evening or Saturday.

The first set sessions will be at the Moline Tennis Club on Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8 pm. If we have enough players the Tennis Club can provide up to 10 courts. This can allow us to have courts for all three skill levels.

The cost will be $10 total for all 4 sessions each Thursday evening in June. We need a minimum of 16 players to make it economical for the Tennis Club. They need the money up front to get started. Those who do not sign up and pay before June 6th may drop in but at a cost of $5 each session. If you want to play in this manner, go to the Tennis Club and pay the $10 before June 6th and indicate your skill level.
This is a trial run and depending on interest may continue in some form the rest of the summer.
The idea of skill sessions is for similar skill players to play one another. We will not tell anyone what their skill level is but be aware that beginners should not sigh up for advanced play times. Everyone will play the best they can. This is different than drop in play we now have in the AM at various venues.

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