Iowa Tournament News

From Steve Stone, the District Ambassador for Iowa:

Here are some events coming up over the next 4 to 6 months in Iowa. You can always keep up with these on the Iowa pickleball website:

Simply navigate to the Tournament News page ( Most all of the registrations are open at this time.

Coming up in March we have the Grinnell Spring Skills Scramble Tourney.

April will find us in Ankeny for their Annual Skills Tourney.

April also has us in Council Bluffs for our Annual Western Iowa Senior Challenge.

May takes us to Cedar Rapids for our 1st Eastern Iowa Senior Challenge!!

June finds our Iowa Senior Games in full swing – Now a very popular 2-day event!!

July we are in Ames with the Iowa Summer Games… and the year isn’t quite half over!!!

Somewhere in those 1st few month will be the 1st ever Pickleball U.S. Open… and I am certain a few more events and tourneys to be found along the way!!

Check for updates and check the registration pages to make sure to take advantage of any early registration discounts!!

Catch you on court soon. Until then,
…keep your paddle, and your spirits, UP!!

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