Big plans for Wednesday’s play at the QC Tennis Club

Starting January 20th, we will have 3 clinics for our members. Play begins at 8:30 and the Clinics start at 9:30.

  • Jeff Collar will demonstrate the 3rd shot in PB
  • Mike Steele & Sam Baker will demonstrate the Dink game and kitchen play. Mike & Sam are tournament players from Galesburg.
  • Sharon Walters will work with the Beginner players on Serves and Serving skills. A short drill session will follow the clinics.We will have 6 courts available for clinics and drop in play.

There is a minor change in fees to play. All QCPC members and Tennis Club members will remain at $3 each day. All other players will be $4 – Schedule remains Monday through Thursday 8:30 a. m. to 12 p.m..

There will be  a player survey to determine future clinics. Clinic’s will be presented each Wednesday at the Tennis Club.

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