Great fun in Silvis!

Pickleball is growing in the Quad Cities. The first Pickleball Picnic on the Illinois side of the river was a great success! There were a handful of players enjoying a night of food and fun. We’re looking forward to seeing many more new Quad City Pickleball players at future events.
Twenty four Illinois players were at Schadt Park Wednesday evening for a  pot luck hosted by Barbie Schwartz, Julie Nixon, Bert Hanlin and Teri Cone. We lined two courts, one on each side of the tennis net along with another court already lined for a total of three. Dave Stover, Ambassador from Geneseo gave information about the tournament in November. He also told the group that Moline park people would like some help the week of Sept 14th to introduce Pickleball for their invited players. Moline said they could contact 40,000 people to promote this project. Club involvement will be limited at this point but we may do more in the future.
President elect Larry Miller informed the group that he had two goals for Illinois. To improve facilities and to increase membership so we could have more influence with park boards. Bert said he would contact Silvis park board about a little used area at Schadt park that needs to be resurfaced but could possibly be converted into 6 pickle ball courts.
PBPicnic (48)
IMG_0619 IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0622 PBPicnic (22) PBPicnic (29)
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