Doubles, Singles Games Complete QC Olympics

Collage photos by Vicki Wassenhove from Rock Island, Illinois.
Individual photos and results photos by Jim Severe from Blue Grass, Iowa.

ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS – Top scorers in a series of opening round robin games in the men’s and women’s doubles age division Saturday were seeded in a medal round for five men and four women divisions. Most medal games were decided on 2 out of 3 games to 11.

For those hearty enough following doubles competition, another six rounds of men and two rounds of women singles game were played. Click on updated file to see results and photos of the winners: QCSO Pickleball Results 2015.

Following  on opening game day, the pickleball event on Saturday June 6, 2015, again set a record with 118 entrants and 22 age division games in the Quad Cities Senior Olympics. Pickleball had the most participants of all games played.

The indoor games on 10 courts at the PepsiCo Recreation Center on the campus of Augustana College drew participants from six states. There were 73 men and 45 women competing in some 225 individual games.

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