Strong Turnout for Beginner Games

Planning Committee_Aug 2014

Committee discuss plans for Aug. 9 games held at Kiwanis Park in Bettendorf, Iowa. From left, Dean Easterlund, Chris Ciasto, Judy Petersen, Dave Fairweather, Sharon Walters, Patty Scott, Ruth Senneff, Barb Cline, and Jolane Otto.

With a toot of a horn and a dramatic fly over from an air squadron practicing for the Quad City Air Show on Saturday Aug. 9, the 2014 pickleball games for all players new to the game this year were kicked off at Kiwanis Park in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Forty-five players competed in the timed games at 15 minute intervals, started and  stopped by a toot form a horn. Players from age 8 to 76 competed. In the round robin scramble format, players had a new partner for each game. Winning all 10 of her games was Karyl Hughes from Davenport.  Winning nine games was Lee Rottman from Moline,. Winning eight games were Del Landehoff from Eldrdige and Rick Sisam from Bettendorf. Four players won seven of 10 games: George Christison, Bettendorf; Mike Brandau, East Moline; Cathy Gaines, Davenport; and Stacy Zimmerman, Bettendorf.

This was a culmination of training lessons provided by the club this summer. More than 90 new players have gone through the Pickleball 101 lessons prior to the games.

looksdelicious 2kidballconnect forehandtakes generationalpartnership

Great food and multi-generational play marked the spirit of the games on Saturday Aug. 9 at Kiwanis Park in Bettendorf, Iowa. See more photos posted at the courts. Upper right are Jessica Clemons, the youngest on the court, and Gavin Tangan. Below left are Vanessa McNeely and Kelly Fleener. Below right are Janet Evans, the oldest on the court, and Ajay Sreekanth. Photos by Dave Fairweather.

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