Geneseo Beginner Pickleball Classes

Free beginner pickleball classes are available in Geneseo. Sessions are scheduled when students and instructors can attend. To get started, send an email to, or call 309-945-7700. Evening and daytime classes are possible. Equipment is furnished, please wear suitable footwear.

Dave Stover

USA Pickleball Association
Quad Cities IL Ambassador
Phone: 309-945-7700

Bettendorf Parks Day Camp

Bettendorf Parks Day Camp and staff came to the Middle courts Thursday afternoon, July 29, for a pickleball activity. Thirty-one campers and and twelve QCPC volunteers brought lots of energy and fun to the courts in spite of the warm and humid conditions.  Carol Cincola, Frank Cincola, Anne Colville, Cathy Gaines, Mary Healy, Jack Hermie, Lori Holst, Larry Miller, Steve Morrison, Judy Petersen, Ruth Senneff, and Barb Shinbori provided the activity.

Eldridge Rec & Fitness Partners with QCPC to Provide Junior Events

Twenty-four Eldridge youth took to the courts at Sheridan Meadows June 21-23 for the fourth annual junior pickleball camp.The camp was followed by a junior league, consisting of 12 youth, held on Monday mornings for four weeks.   Closing out the league was a fun day of pickleball play delivered through games such as Pass the Paddle,Serving Relay and King of the Hill, along with drawing prizes at the end.  Thanks to Whitey’s in Eldridge for supplying free ice cream cone cards; to Cathy for the first aid kits; and to the QCPC for supplyinga pickleball to each participant and a Pickleball Rocks paddle for the final drawing prize.  

Mary Healy and  Lori Holst did a great job leading the camp, and lots of support from Eldridge players and QCPC volunteers made it possible: Connie Coene, Anne Colville, Gina DeWulf, Laura Downing, Cathy Gaines, Ken McMain, Larry Miller, Steve Morrison, Sandy Paredes, Judy Petersen, Bill Rehn, Ruth Senneff, Barb Shinbori, Jim Severe. Thanks to each of these volunteers and to Eldridge Rec for supporting junior pickleball!!