Welcome to QC Pickleball!

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Can you hear a strange clicking noise? You may be nearing pickleball territory, where paddles strike a perforated plastic ball and people are having fun. We invite you to check out the game of pickleball spreading locally and across the country. It is fun and easy to learn with a variety of play options available for everyone from beginning to advanced skill levels. Come on out and give it a try….you will be happy you did!

We have a number of outdoor playing options across the greater Quad Cities at parks in Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, DeWitt, Muscatine, Moline, Coal Valley, Rock Island, Silvis, and Geneseo, and indoor options when the weather outside is not so cooperative. See our Activities Calendar.

See our News page for all the latest happenings with the club.

14 Responses to Welcome to QC Pickleball!

  1. Leslie Swords says:

    Wanted to make sure that my registration was received. If I got a reply, it might have went to spam – didn’t enter the email address on my account at the time.

  2. How do I contact Pickleball Patty to look at paddles? Fitz

  3. Tim Dougherty says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am interested in getting some family and friends out to play; however, I have no idea where to purchase/rent/borrow the paddles and balls. Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


    – Tim

    • vickit28 says:

      Hi Tim,
      Glad to hear that you are interested in Pickleball! We do offer classes at RIFAC in Rock Island. Check out the Places to Play Page for more information.
      I believe all of our venues provide balls. Geneseo Community Center has all of the equipment for you to borrow. RIFAC, in Rock Island, has paddles available for a $1 rental fee. One of our members, Pickleball Pattie (pattiehaines@gmail.com), sells Pickleball equipment. Also, we have just recently developed a partnership with Pickleball Central where you can get a 5% discount and the club will also receive a 5% credit. Watch for information on this on the website and our Facebook page. Thanks again for your interest!

      Vicki Todd
      QCPC webmaster

  4. susan says:

    Hi! I’m interested in learning how to play Pickleball and joining the club. Who do I contact?

    • vickit28 says:

      Hi Susan. Check out our places to play page on the website for information on where to play and classes available to newcomers. I would recommend starting out with the classes if you can. The membership page on our website has information about joining and a form to download and send in to become a member. Thanks for your interest in Pickleball and our club.

  5. Wendy says:

    Hi, my family won a door prize from Your organization and we thought it was included private lessons for 8 people. Is there someone to call? Teresa Cone was who signed the paper.

  6. Debbie Eastburn says:

    I have several friends who want to learn the game. I see the May beginner classes are filled. Do you have any idea when more will be scheduled, also 102 classes. Thanks, Debbie

    • vickit28 says:

      Sharon Walters is planning on holding some more Pickleball 101 classes throughout the summer. She is also planning 102 classes which are available to member only. No dates have been set yet. Please watch the website, Facebook or if you are a member, email for future classes.

      Vicki Todd, Webmaster

  7. Edna Sowards says:

    Heard some talk about possibly stopping the use of the “meet up” app. We use it almost everyday, to see where people are playing. We hope that this does not happen. 😥

  8. susan archer says:

    I agree Edna!!! Also – someone mentioned to my husband that there is a need for windscreen at one of the parks — I think probably Mel McKay? I was able to salvage quite a bit that was leftover from the golf tourney if you are interested. I just don’t know who Steve talked to and who or how to contact anyone. Thanks! Susie

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